Sunday, 27 September 2015

Before and Afters the Ion Magnum

High Quality New Technologies take time. The long awaited IELLIOS Eve is at its final stages build as we speak in Cambridge UK.
We are striving to take Anti-aging beyong the Trauma Era; beyond the plastic appearance of fillers, botox and lasers. 
We have persistently faught for healthy instant natural rejuvenation that is permanent!

IELLIOS Eve is like getting treated with four IELLIOS II simultaneously.
If you have the Perfector or the IELLIOS and you are in Europe, Asia, Australia or Africa UPGRADE TO THE IELLIOS EVE NOW!
Expect brilliant improvement on results. Expect healed, toned, thicker, tighter, lighter complexion.

We are invested in a technology that will rebuild and revive your skin by re awakening the signals of Youth. 
Our looks fade as the signals inside our bodies fade. The signals inside our bodies are fields, pathways, matrices of complex interactions.
They are like the internet. An internet with broken connections that deteriorate with age. 
IELLIOS Eve is empowered with fields of resonant signals alternating every few seconds emited from four synchronized virtual channels.
It is signaling food to repair the broken pathways' connections. This is how it boost the body with natural freshness and youth. 

IELLIOS Eve is researched for the use of mesotherapy without needless, to soothe inflammation & enhance the results of RF and Lasers.
IELLIOS Eve technology is genuinely unique
Be weary of copies, competitors who parrot our verbiage and knockoffs! 
Make sure you look for the IELLIOS certificates!

Ion Magnum and IELLIOS are Necessary for Anti-aging

Ion Magnum from Around the world

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